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  1. I read a few existing threads on this that have been somewhat helpful. I still need to bring this project to completion.

    We're a small independent record label which shot a music video to accompany our record's release. I have the video in both mpeg 2 and mpeg 4 formats.

    I hired a freelancer from Venezuela to add the song's lyrics to the video's closed captioning. he imbedded the closed captioning in both the mpeg 2 and mpeg 4 files. Furthermore, he supplied me with the .scc file should I need it.

    In VLC player, I am able to "switch on" the CC on the mpeg 2 file (though not on the mpeg4), which leads me to believe the CC was successfully embedded.

    Now, I am trying to author a DVD iso from that file (so we can submit it to video music shows).

    I was using this thread as a guide ( but got various failures at the compiling stage

    Any assistance? Thanks in advance
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  2. Not a DVD-lab user, so I can't address your specific concern. AFAIK though, none of the major music video distributors are accepting DVDs as sources, (and I suspect even as screeners they are increasingly rare,) so CC is probably not really an issue in this format.

    If you are determined to continue down the DVD road, please post specific error messages so folks can offer specific advice.
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  3. AFAIK though, none of the major music video distributors are accepting DVDs as sources
    Good point. There is one video distributor we are targeting (Music Choice) who claims they only accept Beta SP or Digi Beta, but I couldn't find anyone in the NY/NY area who would create those tapes (and guarantee that the CC would be successfully embedded). So I figured DVD would be the closest substitute.

    Most video outlets are now receiving via digital distribution, so I don't know why MC's website continues to list their submission requirements as such.

    Thanks, do you have any other info on getting video successfully submitted to shows? We're having a challenging time getting the attention of Spanish speaking outlets that would play our video.
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  4. I've also looked into using DMDS

    But I'm not convinced they are as legitimate as they look. According to them, they are how all video outlets are receiving videos these days. Has anybody on here had any dealings with them?
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  5. hey vap that's some really good info there. I wish i would have found those more up-to-date submission requirements a while ago. I've been going on that dumb beta SP info for close to two months now.
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  6. So provided I sign up for DMDS...

    I have the video on mpeg2 and mpeg4. Mpeg 4 has better picture quality (and perhaps better sound quality ) than the mpeg 2.

    However, I have yet to confirm the successful embedding of the CC in the mpeg 4. I'd rather send the mpeg 4 to outlets. is there another way besides VLC player to confirm is CC has been properly embedded?

    Thanks again for everyone's assistance.
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    What container is it in?

    I have a few ideas, arranged in order of increasing effort:
    • See whether MediaInfo shows anything (for both versions). I'm not sure whether it has this ability except for MPEG-2 in TS container.
    • Try CCExtractor.
    • Find an old BD player or a PS3 with a composite/S-Video output and play both files to a TV. But this could result in a false negative: just because the player doesn't know how to handle the stream doesn't mean it isn't embedded in a form fit for digital distribution.
    Actually, even if VLC could play them that still wouldn't mean they're formatted how DMDS would need them. Ideally they would provide this information.
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