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    I have recently acquired lots of movies which consist of ANY!, BDMV, CERTIFICATE folders, which themselves have tons of files in them.
    Now. I shoved them all to my Synology NAS and bought a new Samsung TV which has Synology's DSVideo app. I can watch movies via built-in DLNA browser or this DSVideo app. Latter is better, because it supports regular *.srt, *.sub, etc subtitles, in non-BDMV formats anyway.

    Problems I faced:
    • Some movies are chopped into lots of tiny pieces, so I can't pick out a single m2ts file.
    • Some movies have default audio non-English and I can't change it navigating in TV.
    If a movie happens to have only English audio and is in one large m2ts file, I can watch it.

    What should I do to make my TV/DLNA browser understand movies in such format? Without converting it, resulting in quality loss. Is that even possible ? If not, what are the alternatives.

    PS! I prefer quality over quantity. Which is why I got them
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  2. Is that even possible ?
    Yes. But if it's Warez ..
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    You can use MakeMKV(free in beta mode) and make a single mkv from each bdmv folder. You can choose language and subs. Just be sure that your player supports mkv with blu-ray content(make one and test...).
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