Sony Blue Ray/ Disk DVD Player, Model BDP S1200
Was working perfectly. It is recognised on the TV Screen via HMD1 connection. However a screen comes up as follows: 'Do You Want to set your Internet Settings Now.'

It gives me the options 'Yes' and 'No'. 'No' is already selected. So I click on the option with my remote control. However each time I click on 'No' the same screen with the same options re-appear.

What I have tried: 1. I have tried it with another TV , but the same result. 2. I have tried it with a different HDMI cable, but the same result. I brought it into the shop in which I bought it (it is under guarantee). I forgot to bring the Remote. They produced a similar remote. IT WORKED WITH THAT REMOTE.

I retried with old remote at home, but with negative result. i changed the batteries in the remote, but negative result.

The final thing: This first occurred when i was playing a DVD after it freezed at a frame (got stuck). I removed the DVD, cleaned it and reinserted it. It was at this point that the problem arose - I never got beyond the message 'Do you want to set the Internet Settings'