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  1. Hail all,

    I'm amateur and I work with Sony Vegas Pro.
    Recently I took some video footage with my camera NIKON Coolpix P520
    and... Sony Vegas Pro doesn't accept importing the .MOV video files I made!
    It says:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sony QuickTime Warning.jpg
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    I downloaded and installed QuickTime and it STILL refuses importing and gives the same message!
    Could anyone help with this weird issue?
    Thanks a million in advance for your feedback!


    AMD 8core 4GHz RAM8GB,
    Windows 7
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    The message says "including the authoring components"

    In my book that means 'Quicktime Pro' and not just the free playback module.

    But also post a mediainfo (text mode) report of your footage since a .mov file need not mean quicktime.
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  3. A couple of things to try:

    Can you play the files in quicktime directly?
    If so, you may need to reinstall Vegas if Quicktime was not installed when you originally loaded it.
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  4. Yes, Quicktime played (of course) the .MOV footage AND finally yes, Sony Vegas also accepted it as, YES, I had to reload Sony Vegas AFTER installing Quicktime! Correct remark!

    I couldn't imagine that Sony Vegas needs additional software to function... but of course, as I said, I'm just an amateur in video editing.

    By the way, a quick question, I read about that MediaInfo software and it just provides info, so I don't see in what would it be useful for my video work. I'm a musician professionally and I sometimes do music video clips.

    Thanks a lot, you guys and best vibes!

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  5. You can't tell what a video file is just by looking at it's name. .mov, .avi, .mkv, .mts, etc can hold many combinations of video, audio, subtitle and data tracks of various formats. They are simply containers. Mediainfo is an excellent tool for finding out what's inside -- and generally the first tool to turn to when something doesn't work. Many of use use it every day.

    Glad you got your files and Vegas working harmoniously.
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