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  1. Hi there,
    I'm a VSDC Free Video Editor user, not very experienced yet.
    This is what I like to do:
    I have recordings of an intersections, several hours. Each video file is 30min long.
    I shot from three different perspectives to see different details.

    I want to create a single video file, where I have all three shots synchronised in a split screen.
    I want to merge all the 30min-files together. Unfortunately the three perspectives start at different times, so I have to care a lot about having the correct offset.

    I know about layers and how to create different sizes for a video on a background.
    I don't want to size every newly added video again.
    What I need is a fixed frame and a layer, where I can just put each video of a perspectives in a row, without changing the video size.

    Can you help me?
    I really appreciate every single hint.
    Thank you so much
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    See for help. VSDC has no support at all and I don't think you will find any vsdc expert user in our forum.
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  3. You should imput all 3 videos at scene and dispose it as you want.
    After that you should moving the objects on the timeline making the best combination.
    If video has also audio, I advise to disable the audio accompaniment on two video files (Property: Audio track "Don`t use audio"), you should leave only one audio track that has not been out of sync audio.
    In this video editor it will make very easy. If you want I can write instructions step by step "how to" with video lesson.
    I do it very often
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  4. Hey

    @Baldrick: Can you recommend any other free editing software which is able to perform what I described above?

    @Ehapov: If you have a solution where I don't have to resize every single video one by one, then I would really apprectiate it if you described how it worked!

    Thanks to all of you!
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