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  1. 1. I was muxing H264 stream to M2TS and at about 30% progress point I received an error:
    "H264 warn: Unexpected pic_order_cnt_lsb value 1. FrameNum: 46891 slice type: I_TYPE"
    Muxing completed successfully at 100% but I am just curious what this error means and how it affects the video?

    2. I tested both tsMuxeR GUI 2.6.12 and tsMuxeR GUI 1.10.6 by muxing the same source to M2TS. Depending on the sources, sometimes the one by using 2.6.12 version come out a few KB larger than the one by using 1.10.6 version, and sometimes the 2.6.12 version misses one or two seconds at the end of the video though completed successfully at 100%. Does anyone know why?
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  2. regarding 1.: frame header is wrong, might cause a slight jerkiness for that frame, probably not visible during normal playback
    regarding 2.: if we are really speaking of only a few KB it's simply some rounding differences (depending on the streams inside the container there might be larger differences) Can't say for sure since tsMuxeR is closed source and the developer abandoned it quite a while ago, but may be he will pick it up again in a few years (like it was the case with tsMuxeR 1.x which then returned as tsMuxeR 2.x)

    Sadly there is no freeware and open source alternative to tsMuxeR available (which covers all the basic features of tsMuxeR) afaik.

    Cu Selur
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  3. Is there any way to fix the frame header issue so the error doesn't occur?
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  4. a. It's not an error, it's a warning.
    b. Remuxing might fix it, depends on the tool that is used.
    c. tools to fix tv transportstreams should probably be able to fix such issues.
    users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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  5. Should I keep using tsMuxeR GUI 1.10.6 giving a few KB less after muxing or should I switch to the newer version?
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