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    Hello, this is my first post.

    I did browse the forum, but did not find a similar topic. I need some advice on setting up a system, and here is the overview of what I want to do:

    I am helping out an association that organizes conferences and talks to university students about the necessary tools they need to integrate themselves in the work force successfully. They make use some multimedia content to showcase things like correct or incorrect attitudes, real life concepts that academical education might not prepare them for, rights and responsibility as employees and employers, and so on. They make up to 5 conferences a month.

    We want to make these conferences and presentations more appealing and dynamic by evolving the delivery of these multimedia contents. The idea is to have a "theatrical", more interactive kind of presentation, triggering pre-produced content (audio & video) and projecting virtual scenarios from a laptop. We would like to have a minimalistic, simple setup, that does not require much investment, and that can be transported and operated easily.
    We have support from a technological company that will provide us with 1 and up to four full HD projectors anytime we need them. We have to work out how to use this technology ourselves.

    Incidentally, this would also be very useful in theater situations, where Iīm also very active.

    My idea is to use a single laptop as a virtual "switcher" connected to a Matrox TripleHead2go splitter (or something similar) and feed 3 projectors from there. Another idea Iīm looking into, is to use some USB to video converters, that I found on the internet (to add more outputs to the laptop). Due to itīs portability and easier handling, we prefer a laptop, but If an ideal solution requires a desktop computer, that would work as well.


    My question is whether there is a suitable software that will allow me to trigger video files, and also assign them to separate outputs, so that I can have different projections on different projection surfaces, and control them individually. We also would like to be able to create an extended display as well. We need, preferably, 3 discrete outputs, or at least 2.

    We are not looking into "blending" scenarios right now, but it seems to be an interesting feature that we could incorporate later, if the project is successful. The projectors we have available can be used for that.

    For starters I have looked into typical broadcast solutions, like Vmix, but the big limitation here is that it only mixes content, so that we canīt have two or more separate streams (not the same content!) running at the same time on two or more separate displays (or so it seems to me).
    I found a program called Isadora, which seems a very viable solution, but Iīm not sure if I might be able to get similar or better results with other programs, and it seems to be a bit complicated. We have to consider the possibility of being able to occasionally “crash course” an operator to do the job.

    Any recommendations? Would maybe one of these video DJ programs be better suited for this task? Any other hardware solutions, that wonīt cost us an arm and a leg?

    We can invest in a suitable laptop dedicated for this task, we donīt care whether itīs MAC or Windows, or even Linux, and we can even consider solutions that might incorporate a second laptop.

    Please, we would appreciate constructive, educated suggestions, not just hints about programs “that might seem to to something like that” from the description on their web page. We can Google up concepts ourselves.

    Thanks in advance.
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