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    I would appreciate members advice before committing myself to the bulk transfer and restoration.

    I have about 40 super8 films reels of family memories to transfer to digital format and further enhancement and restoration for pc presentation ( eventually for some I will later do some dvd /blue ray ).

    I ordered 3 transfers in 3 top different formats / codecs usually provided by the transfers houses to test quality and output file usability.
    Currently they use a FlashScan HD filmscanner developed by MWA-Nova

    DNxHD - mov (1920x1080, 185Mbps, YUV, 4.2.2, 10 bits ,progressive )

    ProRes 422 HQ Ė mov (1920 x1080 , 179mbps, YUV , 4.2.2 , progressive )

    MJPG Ė avi ( 1920x 1080 , 86 mbps , YUV , 4.2.2 , 8 bits , interlaced )

    I have been able to use all of them without any special problem in a PC environment and in Virtualdub ( with the correct codecs ) and AviSynth ( indirectly trough videocleaner GUI as I donít know for now the script language)

    I think I got the best results from the DNxHD codec however the films being different could have influenced my opinion .In the context of usability clear the MJPG is best but I got worse quality results with this format/codec and between the DNxHD and the ProRes422HQ I think the first is more usable in a PC environment . I could have ordered also as uncompressed files but I thought that probably for a super8 film format I probably would have a minor improvement if any and the files will be much larger and difficult to archive and edit but Iím interested to hear the opinion of members with experience in this subject.

    However I have 2 or 3 reels that I would be interested to get the most of the film would it be useful for this reels to order in uncompressed formats ?

    I received 2 files for each order a 18fps @ 25 fps and a 25fps @ 25 fps. I thought that the last one included dup frames as to adjust for the correct speed , however it seems to me that the 18fps@25fps as a speed more closely related with the original ( 18fps ) what seems oddly to me.

    What files in this context should I ask for and which one should I use for editing and enhancing?

    Also it seems to me that the movement is not quiet regular as it seems to have small changes in speed .Could this be some sort of flicker ? Could it have something to do with the capture or is it normal and must be corrected if possible during the post processing?

    Also I will be interested to know if the technology used for transfer is one of the best or if there are others that could be superior and if anyone can recommend the best transfer houses in Europe for this type of service.

    I could post some samples if anyone is interested to see the results however I donít know exactly how to split the original format/codec without changing them , virtualdub itīs of no use because it saves an AVI and only the MJPG is avi.
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    I think 1080 resolution is already overkill for Super 8. You're just getting better pictures of grain at that point. Uncompressed files are not worth the hassle compared to DNxHD or ProRes at their high quality settings.

    What you describe as irregular movement is probably judder, which results from duplicating frames to increase the rate. I would not settle for incorrect or upsampled frame rates. Find someone who can deliver an 18 fps file of an 18 fps movie.
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    I must applaud you for your quality consciousness!

    And by all means go lossless if it is offered!
    Why not, disk space is cheap!

    Great going!

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