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  1. I have a Japanese anime DVD and I want to put the English audio from the USA DVD I also have into this Japanese DVD. I also want to put the English Subtitles I have in SRT format from the USA DVD into it as well.

    I don't really care if there's an option for it in the menu, as long as you can switch to the audio and subtitle track with the remote manually, but being able to add it as a selection to the menu would be nice.

    I have the entire Japanese DVD ripped to Video_TS folder. I believe that would be the first step. Is it as simple as adding the English AC3 and English SRT into the folder?

    How would I go about doing this?
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  2. Originally Posted by killerteengohan View Post
    Is it as simple as adding the English AC3 and English SRT into the folder?
    No. Baldrick has a guide to adding subs. Adding another audio track follows the same process. I'd suggest following his method 2:

    This should work with in-synch audio and subs if both sources have exactly the same framecount and content, and if there's bitrate to spare. If Muxman craps out during the authoring then you'll know it won't work.

    In my opinion, unless it's for a child that can't read subtitles adding dubbed audio is lame.
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  3. I dont find it lame at all.

    The Japanese DVD had ALOT better looking video and I don't like reading subtitles all the time. Having both audio tracks is a plus for me.
    I just wanted the better looking video with English audio and to do that I have to add it to the DVD or encode it.

    Thanks, Ill check out the link later tonight when I can.
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