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  1. Dear all,

    May be this question has been asked before but i cant find it. Sorry if its a repeat question.

    Well I made some videos for my client and i will give them on dvd but before burning i will put my ad as a title on dvd so when they will play the dvd first they will see my short intro then they will see there project.

    I have seen alot of dvd in which we cant skip the previews at the begining of dvd. I want to lock the skip feature on my short 20 second intro se they wont be able to skip it but i dont know how to do it. If someone know then please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Your client may not appreciate it and depending on the contract may actually ask you to redo it.

    The right thing to do, in my opinion, is to ask the client if he objects to a 20 second ad. Forcing people to watch by disallowing them to skip is just bad practice and will only annoy and alienate your clients.

    Do you like to watch DVDs that force you to watch things by disallowing you to skip?

    The quality of your work is your best advertisement, forcing people to see your ad is not!

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  3. Its called UOP, user operation prohibited or PUO, so you need DVD authoring that supports it. Or take already done DVD and use PGCEdit that loads VIDEO_TS and then change that for particular title. But again, it really sucks to not be able to skip some promo. Put that clip behind menu button as a possibility to check your longer credentials.
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