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    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere:

    Are you still getting errors even when you burn at low speeds, and on several different machines with Imgburn and DVD Decrypter? Puzzled?
    Yes you can get write/verify errors because of the following:

    1. Bad Media - try a different brand.
    2. Burner Firmware - either become corrupted or needs an upgrade.
    3. Maybe bug in the programme - unlikely as both seem stable, but check anyway.
    4. Could be a sign that your burner is failing.

    However, before you try any of these try this:

    If like me you are in the habit of burning .iso files kept on an external hard drive - plug the hard drive directly into your computer - i.e not through a USB hub. I created a lot of coasters before I realised that might be the reason.....

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    Please do not post similar threads again,just stick to the original post,thread closed.
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