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  1. Hi guys

    Newbie here.

    How do I play back files from a NAS on an Android phone/Tablet?

    I have some home movie mp4 type files which are stored on my ReadyNas NV+ (They are stored in a NAS share called MEDIA/VIDEO)
    We can play the files easily on the home network using our PC's and VLC for Windows
    It is also easy to play them back using an iPad, again using VLC

    The cruncher : One of our family has now an Android phone and tablet and wants to play back one of our home movies on it. They put VLC on the phone but nobody can figure out how to get the right settings in Android VLC. It seems the layouts are completely different in PC, Apple and Android. I have absolutely no knowledge of Android phones/Tablets and this means Ihave been stumbling around.
    I can't even see 'the equivalent of Windows File Manager'

    Can someone please help by giving me a check list of what to press, set, configure etc.. on either her tablet or Android phone? It would really assist!

    Sorry to be so thick... I just need 'getting off the ground'

    Thanks in advance anyone
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  2. Use ES file explorer and some good player like BSplayer or MXplayer, maybe that VLC will be also fine.
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    Note that if you decide to try MX Player, they've had to remove 'direct' Dolby/DTS/AC3 playback support due to licensing issues. You can still use MX Player to play those types of audio (among other audio/video codecs) if you download the external all-in-one codec package. See this page for more information on getting the archive and how to install and use it in MX Player.
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  4. Have you tried converting the MP4 into a video format for Androids with third party software?

    Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate has alot of formats and spec choices for lots of devices. (Not free program but it gives you an idea what to look for)
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    Xilisoft Video Converter is a piece of crap,there's much better options for free for converting such as handbrake and vidcoder,you don't need to convert mp4 for playback on an android,just do what _Al_ and Ai Haibara suggested.
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