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  1. I'm stumped on this one. A process I have used for a long time has failed in VirtualDubMod.
    Why I'm stumped is that the problem cropped up after a DVD video was split in two parts.

    The process is long:

    Use DVD Shrink to rip from DVD using it's ability to start/ stop for a part one and a part two.

    Once done, each part is run through Auto Gordian Knot to make AVI for part one and then part two

    The temp folder made in AGK has audio files. I use a conversion process to treat audio
    to highlight voice.

    I wind up with an mp3 file to add to the stream list in Virtual Dub Mod to remux audio.

    When the stream list opens I follow the usual procedure to deactivate the original
    and highlight the new mp3.

    Click OK should open the muxing process but nothing happens. Stream List screen
    disappears and I'm returned to VDubMod window.

    This is happening at the _second_ part of the job which is, as I understand it, completely separate.
    Can there be some problem finding a start address at the edit?

    This is new on the second half of this one job.

    Should I start over? Or would that be even practical?

    Can VirtualDub regular be used instead?

    As I'm waiting for a reply I'm going to redo the edit from the DVD to have a frsh starting point.
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    Originally Posted by loninappleton View Post

    Once done, each part is run through Auto Gordian Knot to make AVI for part one and then part two
    That is your mistake. WHY would you do that?
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  3. Why?

    There's a long thread on it as it developed in discussion. These days I have to do things by rote
    since I am a casual user and not doing it full time so everything stays in my head.

    Maybe the tools available to do what I wanted at the time dictated it.

    The goal is to simply remux the audio with a new track for old.

    I did notice that Audacity and Goldwave which I use do no not convert back to AC3. Again, maybe I missed something but, repeating, I have done this procedure for years with success.

    I am remaking the edited second part from the DVD disk.

    Worst case is (I hope) that I use the content without the break and do a one piece audio edit using the filtering tools. The one tool in particular is called The Levelator developed for podcasts which works with .WAV. These conversions do work. I proof the content and the voice portion of audio is enhanced in the proper way on the part one of the job under discussion.
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  4. Does your original AVI play in Vdub? Does your edited MP3 audio play? Using copies of your files try to mux the edited audio from part 1 with the video of part 2. My guess would be that while editing the audio of the second part something happened and Vdub is chocking on it. Can you redo the MP3 conversion with a different bitrate?
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  5. Changing bitrate from what AGK makes, I don't know. AGK outputs to the temp file AC3 audio and MP3

    I take the mp3, put it into Goldwave to decompress to .wav

    That wav is used to run the filtering tool Levelator ( I can make the link if you like.)

    That output (which uses 'output' in its file name is then converted back into mp3 and remuxed
    via Virtual Dub.

    These are a lot of steps mainly to use this Levelator program which combines a number of filtering techniques
    to enhance voice both in level balancing and reducing other waveforms such as loud thunder. drums etc.

    I've found no way to simplify the process including some complicated normalizing routines in Goldwave
    which the describe.

    Just to get a handle on this I'll try to simply swap the mp3 for the AC3 audio in the temp folder to see if the
    problem can be isolated to one element (VirtualDubMod.)

    And yes, even though Virtual Dub literally gives me a hand cramp trying to use its buttons, the
    video is in there. I've also run it in VLC.
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  6. Originally Posted by loninappleton View Post

    The goal is to simply remux the audio with a new track for old.
    The ultimate goal is to add the 'new and improved' audio back into the DVD? If so your whole workflow is a complete waste of time. And why is this thread even named 'Virtual Dub Mod won't open PGC Demux'? That makes no sense. Demux the DVD into chapters, video, and audio (and subs if necessary) using PGCDemux. Take the audio and do whatever you like with it. Reauthor with Muxman using the new audio in place of the old. Then, if you want to stick the new and improved DVD back into the original so you can keep the menus and whatever else it might contain, VobBlanker might be the tool to use.

    If you're just making an AVI with the edited audio, then forget what I just wrote. If the goal is to replace the original audio in the AVI with the new audio, why not take the XviD video from the files AutoGK made (before it was muxed with the audio), and not begin with the already muxed AVI. Although replacing the audio using VDubMod should work.
    I take the mp3, put it into Goldwave to decompress to .wav
    AC3->MP3->WAV->MP3? That's not how you do it. If you're having trouble with AC3->WAV, then maybe try HeadAC3he. It's pretty much foolproof.
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  7. I like foolproof. Where do all these strange program names come from? It's as if the responders make them up for my benefit.

    No, not making DVD just AVI content for playback on my CRT. Because of multiple viewings I minimize the loud and soft parts to hear the dialog.

    Is that program name above LEET speak for 'headache'? Not surprising.

    Maybe Muxman is the key in this. To my mind I shopuldn't be having any problems unless there's some new
    tweak in DVD audio.
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  8. First off for about PGC demux no PGC demux. I thought that was what opens in Virtual dub Mod.

    Right now _I_ have a headache and am going away for a while.

    I noticed that my clip-- we'll call it the clip rather than part one this and part two that-- the clip plays audio and video in VLC with no processing done-- just what AGK makes as avi.

    Take that same clip and put it in VirtualDubMod which I have a shortcut on the desktop and there is no audio.

    I'm too confused to go on. But the problem looks to reside in what I'm using for VirtualDubMod downloaded form Videohelp a while back. I'm having the 'everything you know is wrong' moment. And I'd rather not hear about it anymore either.
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  9. I can't give up on this.

    What I did now was get the Virtual Dub 1.7 listed here on videohelp.
    I opened my clip and got both audio and video.

    The menu structure is different. What I selected was .wav output in the 1.7 and the
    'build process' called analysis started at the SAVE AS for my new clip name.

    I'm going to proof that all the way through to see if it remuxed the .wav made by Levelator from the
    audio file list at AGK temp. This may all sound like gibberish by now.

    The point is that this fresh download gave audio playback. But this version is laid out differently.

    Where are the logs kept for Virtual Dub 1.7? I'm not out of my headache time yet.
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  10. VDub isn't really meant to be a player and the fact that you don't get audio when trying to play the AVI as opened in one or the other isn't surprising. If you want to know if the AVI contains the audio, whether or not you can hear it when playing it in VDubMod or whatever, just go File->File Information and it'll say. And you should be able to replace the old audio in the AVI with the new audio very easily.
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  11. Not player but able to hear audio. I've never tried to see subs in it either.
    The Vdub 1.7 could answer a number of tasks on these jobs (even though they are as my hobby.)

    1.7 apparently can load a .wav just as an option which opens. This saves a lot of back and forth.
    I'm proofing the content now and without that _log file_ I believe the levelled audio has been muxed in
    at program save.

    Where is the logfile kept for any of these vdubs? I tried to search .log on system and got nothing.
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