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  1. Why in 21th century when i have ticked position subtitles relative to video frame is mpc-hc totally ignoring subtitle settings and doing whatever it wants? I am so much desperate, what to do to make him use that setting in mpc hc 64 when playing bluray?? thank you very much
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  2. What kind of subtitles are you using? If they are image bitmap subtitles you can't reposition them without extracting, OCRing, reformatting and remuxing.
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    If it is pre-rendered there is not much you can do.

    I'd say not just a 21th century thing, I think pre-rendered subtitles really belong to this period:

    But that's just my opinion I am sure stuffy old video engineers will disagree and call pre-rendered subtitling some brilliant technology that still should be used, while I just "don't understand the fine subtleties".

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  4. its pgs subtitles
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