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  1. So does anyone have any good suggestions to purchase online a good deal on Blu Ray Dual Layers Recordable Discs? Looking for inkjet hub printable discs brand is not important if they are reliable enough... On Amazon I found a lot of Verbatim Blu-ray Disc 50 pcs Spindle - 50GB 4X BD-R DL - Inkjet Printable for $109.00 plus shipping... Anyone know of any other sites that could do a better job perhaps if I buy 50-100? or buying smaller packs cheaper? Any suggestions very much appreciated.. Not interested so much in single layer but if you know a good deal on them inkjet printable as well in bulk post the sites please(if this is allowed?)
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  2. Have you checked Rima, Meritline, or SuperMediaStore? If memory serves, I've hardly ever seen BDR-DLs on special, though.

    That price you found seems really low, more like what you'd pay for 25 spindle. If it's legit, you may not do any better.
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    I bought my last box of VBs through Amazon about 3 months ago, shipped from Japan. $133US for 'Verbatim Blu-ray Disc 50 pcs Spindle - 50GB 4X BD-R DL - Inkjet Printable' including shipping. They are now $110 with shipping. I couldn't find them on any US sites then in any quantity.
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  4. Thanx I was wrong the 109 DOES include shipping so I guess it seems I did do well... I only asked because I didnt do a huge search and just got my Blu Ray burner last week so I am still quite "new" to the Blu Ray World
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