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  1. It's possible to obtain a playable link for vlc from these streams?

    The first works only if you are in france or if you use a france proxy.

    If you know how to obtain a rtmp link or a m3u8 file can you give me how is possible?
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  2. ...
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  3. sysanin thanks a lot!!
    Can you explain how have you obtained this link?
    Which software have you used?
    No hopes for Rouge FM pop-rock?
    Virgin have only m3u8 file and not rtmp?

    Thanks again a lot for your help and sorry for all that questions, I would learn how to.....
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  4. Member nullacht's Avatar
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    livestreamer "" best
    [cli][info] Found matching plugin dailymotion for URL
    [cli][info] Available streams: 216p (worst), 404p, 404p+ (best)
    [cli][info] Opening stream: 404p+ (hds)
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  5. Downloaded livestream and executed the command.
    VLC is opened and stream is working but.... which is the address?? Where I can see in VLC the link of the stream?
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