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    I have a 3 mins. video. Imagine a 3 person juggling act where there are times where 1 of them drops the balls. I can see 2 options.

    1) When juggler 1 drops the balls, I want to zoom into the other 2, in order to "crop out" the juggler #1 who is picking up his balls. Once he's back, we zoom back out to all 3 jugglers.

    2) Or, I am willing to "freeze" the frame for those 5-6 seconds where he's picking up the balls. The sound continues on, so it just looks like a streaming error, video is "paused" and then once the juggler is back in action, we go back to normal live action.

    Again, to recap, I want parts of it my video blocked out. (Some kind of live cropping, zoomed into only part of the frame order to "delete" the parts I don't want to see..) Or, have the video just "pause" to skip over the parts I want censored. (So, it looks like there is a delay/freeze)

    How can I proceed? Not sure where to go.
    I know how to do basic stuff like use AVIDemux, AVI Trimmers, Virtual Dub, etc
    I am willing to learn how to do this, or pay someone to do it.

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    GoodEnough, Do not post the same topic on several forums.
    Please do not cross post, once is enough.

    Continue in:

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