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  1. Hello Guys out there,
    I want to buy a new BD burner, because my current not even supports BDXL and only a 6x write speed. (and its external)
    Due to this fact, my new burner must support an overspeed function and BDXL. I thought about the LG BH16NS40.

    But I dont know about any overspeed function from LG. Only form Pioneer and Lite-On. So the concrete question: Can I burn media at a higher speed as given with this drive (even with 16x?) ?

    I hope you can help.
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    Why risk "overspeed"?
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  3. Because I don't wanna spend money on a drive which can burn at 7billionx speed, but i can't use it. If I use overspeed is another story, maybe sometimes. Some media can be overspeeded and it works excellent, after all if i burn for archival use I never burn faster as 8x. (DVD)
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