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    hello there
    hdhomerun, eyetv, tablo..etc etc
    living in a house with more than 20 tvs and god know how many smartphones and tablets, its always been a dream project for me to finally get rid of all the satellite receiver scattered around the house, and many dish's on the roof to feed them

    the dilemma ?
    there is always 1 big problem that faced me, SPORT CHANNELS
    and in this thread case, bein sports: which here in the middle east has the right to just about every single major sport event/tournament that exist
    whats the problem ? the channels are protected by dual encryption system that requires both the card and receiver to decrypt the channel

    so is there any way we can solve this issue ?

    another question: the channels are available as a streaming service on their website, is there any dvr platform that allows me to list those echannels as regular channels ?

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    Originally Posted by a7medo778 View Post
    so is there any way we can solve this issue ?
    By paying for it?
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