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    Hi, I'm new to DVD ripping. I recently purchased 'The Shield' Complete Series box set. The DVDs are R1, I'm from the Philippines (R3) so I have to rip the DVDs so I can watch them. I'm using MakeMKV to save the episodes to my hard drive then convert them with ripbot264 because I like H.264 compression and deinterlacing. I also change the frame rate from 29.97 to 23.97 because I like the effect of 24fps and also the show was shot on film so I thought it's better to have it in 24fps. I am successful with seasons 1 & 2 but with season 3, all the episodes are out of sync. The audio plays at normal speed but the video is in a faster speed. I opened the files in MediaInfo and noticed that seasons 1 & 2 are in constant frame rate and seasons 3 is variable frame rate. I have tried different combinations of settings (Inverse telecine, decimate & change speed) but it just either makes the video play faster or slower.

    Please help me.

    I tried using Handbrake but there are just so many settings. I want all the episodes to be uniform. Another reason why I'd like to stick with ripbot is because I can resize the video to 720x480 even if I cropped some pixels from the edges, Handbrake does not allow me to do that.

    These are the setting I used for seasons 1 & 2:
    - cropped edges then resize to 720x480
    - 23.976 fps
    - inverse telecine
    - 2 pass encoding @ 2500kbps

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. I'm pretty sure when you change the frame rate using RipBot it uses a method called AssumeFPS. It ignores the original speed and assumes the video should be played at the set speed. For DVD video that'd normally be something you wouldn't want to do..... speed it up or slow it down. When you apply inverse telecine it reverses the pulldown process for converting film to 29.970fps. Duplicate fields/frames are removed and you naturally end up with a 23.976fps as a result so you don't need to specify a frame rate. The duration will remain the same.

    There's a chance the third season was transferred to DVD differently. Even though all NTSC DVDs are officially 29.970fps the telecine process isn't always encoded into the video. The video on the disc may be 23.976fps progressive and the DVD player is supposed to add the pulldown and output 29.9670fps. For those DVDs, you can encode tham without any de-interlacing or inverse telecine. If you apply inverse telecing unnecessarily that'd take you down to around 19.18frames per second. The speed and duration would still be the same but it'll look quite "jittery" as you've removed frames you shouldn't have. From there if you set 23.976 as the output speed the 19.18fps jittery video is sped up and the output becomes jittery video playing too quality. Maybe that's what happened.

    The only way you'll be able to get any help that's a lot better than guessing is to attach the Ripbot log file to a post. That might offer some insight. The log file alond with a small sample of the video in question would be even better. You can open vob files with TSMuer and re-save them as TS or M2TS files and it has an option to split the output into sections while doing so. It doesn't re-encode anything. It'll be the same video in a different container. Just a minute or two's worth should do.
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