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  1. I have for ages used and old version of Freemake Video Converter to rip DVDs and convert video files. I find it easy and convenient to use.

    However recently anything I rip or convert has the audio out of sync which for me is a big issue, and I cant seem to fix it and Freemake advise downloading the latest version.

    I've read that the latest version has all sorts of malware embedded it in so I dont really want to update Freemake. Handbrake has been recommended as an alternative but again Ive read that this has embedded malware as well!

    So can anyone recommend either how to avoid the malware issue with the new version of Freemake or recommend an equally good one-click free ripper/converter that I can use without any audio sync issue?

    Many thanks.
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    Handbrake has NO embedded malware. Or use VidCoder.

    YOu need a dvd ripper if you are converting from commercial dvds. You can use a background dvd ripper like anydvd or dvdfab passkey(free version available).
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