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  1. Hi, first post here. Feel free to shout at me if I'm doing anything wrong :P

    Punchline: I'm trying to view the stream at using nothing but rtmpdump and mplayer. No external tools.

    I'll confess I don't 100% know what I'm doing with rtmpdump - mostly because this is my first ever *real* foray with it - and my attempts to get at the the stream video data thus far have... well... I think convinced USTREAM I was the official Flash client or something , because I'm getting periodic incremental video URLs in the RTMP datastream (I set verbosity to maximum), but no actual video data gets emitted. Oh, and rtmpdump is emitting a LOT of LOUD COMPLAINING about data it can't interpret.

    Here's the command I used. It probably includes a lot of redundant information, but I manually constructed it from a combination of guesswork, examining the RTMP handshake sequence in Wireshark (), and the bit of magic that is -C O:1 which I learned here :P
    rtmpdump -a ustream -f 'LNX 17,0,0,134' -V -v -z -s '' -t "rtmp://" -p "" --host '' -C O:1 -C NS:rpin:rpin.4827225064907431 -C NS:loaderUrl: -C NS:media:20266814 --playpath '/ustream' -C NS:rsid:iysyy3f1:16570wa7 -C NS:referer: -C NS:application:channel
    Here's a pastebin of what the command above emitted on my system after running for 10 minutes. (I removed duplicate lines from the dump.)

    I don't mind challenges (okay... small challenges :P) so if anyone wants to link me a general "here's how you go about decoding this sort of thing on USTREAM" I'll see if I can run with it.

    Platform-wise I'm using Linux (Slackware 14.0); I currently have rtmpdump 2.3 (via package) and mplayer 4.7.1 (built from SVN r37328) available, but I have no problem updating anything if that proves necessary/helpful. I do have access to Windows via RDP from an awesome friend overseas, but Linux is what I run locally on all my systems, and thus, if there's a Windows tool that will give me a working rtmpdump URL I can then use locally I'm happy to try that, but I can't use Windows-based tools that need to stay running in the background.

    I've also found that for whatever reason Python scripts seem to take forever to start up on the old PC I prefer using; livestreamer does indeed work and gets the video stream, but just like youtube-dl, it takes approximately 7-10 seconds for Python to "start up" during which time it uses 100% CPU. If I have to use livestreamer I will - it hovers around 8-25% CPU, which isn't that bad - but it isn't my first preference to leave anything not written in C/C++ (or maybe Bash) running for too long on this particular system, and this is why I specified "no other tools" above.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance

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  2. Hi

    Below my try ( under Win xp ) :
    rtmpdump -v -a ustream -f "LNX 17,0,0,134" -z -s "" -r "rtmp://" -p ""   | "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -e -
    RTMPDump v2.4
    (c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu, The Flvstreamer Team; license: GPL
    DEBUG: Parsing...
    DEBUG: Parsed protocol: 0
    DEBUG: Parsed host    :
    DEBUG: Parsed app     : ustream
    WARNING: You haven't specified an output file (-o filename), using stdout
    DEBUG: Protocol : RTMP
    DEBUG: Hostname :
    DEBUG: Port     : 1935
    DEBUG: Playpath : live-foxes-den
    DEBUG: tcUrl    : rtmp://
    DEBUG: swfUrl   :
    DEBUG: pageUrl  :
    DEBUG: app      : ustream
    DEBUG: flashVer : WIN 17,0,0,134
    DEBUG: live     : yes
    DEBUG: timeout  : 30 sec
    DEBUG: Setting buffer time to: 36000000ms
    Connecting ...
    ERROR: Problem accessing the DNS. (addr:
    DEBUG: Closing connection.
    1) ERROR: Problem accessing the DNS.
    2) DEBUG: Playpath : live-foxes-den <= in -r (???)

    By this VLC is unable to open .

    Cheers .
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