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  1. Hello. I'm trying to back up about 600 home videos onto DVD-R. It was going smoothly until I realized that, even though they all apprear upright in Windows 8, some of the videos appear sideways, once burnt onto DVD-R and watched on a blu ray player. Is there a setting somewhere that I could select all the files at once and set them so they will remain upright when viewed on blu ray? Or should I be saving them as a certain type of file?
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  2. 1. Are you burning these simply as data or are you actually authoring the DVD?
    2. If you are authoring, what software are you using?
    3. Were some of these movies shot on a phone in a vertical orientation? What kind of phone? What kind of files?
    4. What software are you using to view these in Windows 8?
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  3. 1. I was just burning them as data.
    2. Could you reccomend any good, free software I could download to authorize DVD?
    3. possibly- on a Samsung Note III. MP4
    4. Windows Media Player

    (thank you)
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  4. You can use something like AViDemux to rotate and reencode the files. The rotate filter is under the video tab. (Though you must either do them one at a time or live with them being combined into a single file.) Then you can burn them to a DVD as data like you are now.

    If you want to author a DVD to play on "normal" players, AVStoDVD is an excellent tool. Be aware no DVD authoring program will accept 600 individual titles.
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  5. You may get more help if you'll edit your subject line to "Windows 8" and not "Office 8."
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