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  1. Thanks for the quick response.
    I am relatively new to the actual doing in avisynth (have scanned hundreds of hours of 8mm film over the years), as I mainly had been reading about Avisynth over the years and seen people manipulate the scripts.
    Over the last couple of weeks, I have been experimenting with Fred's script via a third party interface (with good results), so haven't really even got my hands on to the scripts alone.

    As a result, I haven't experimented with Stack16 yet. Just read whatever web ressources I could find on it (forums such as doom9, wiki etc.) trying to get my head around it, so I could start playing with it.
    I will share some of the results on the forum to give you an idea of what the originals are like and the restored and stabilized versions. (I may also report on the time it takes to encode at various colour bit depths)
    By the way, am I correct in assuming that I would only need to use dither scripts/plugins once I am going from a 16bit input to a 12bit output for instance?

    I know Fred also has an improved version of his script running on AvsPmod, so have been considering that as well.
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  2. in case someone use new depan, update there is new stab3 for this
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  3. I just keep getting an error that says DePanEstimate does not have a named argument "improve" when I try to use stab2()
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