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  1. I've never had this problem before but lately almost every MP4 video I try to play is out of sync. Sometimes they're messed up from the get-go, other times they start out okay but keep getting worse. Some of them are YouTube videos but others are from other sites I've downloaded from. I've tried different players, KMPlayer, VLC, WMP, WMP Classic, and they all do it so I'm starting to think it's the video. I've got some older videos that work okay and DVDs work fine. Based on experience, can anyone tell me if this is usually a video issue or the player?
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  2. I think I solved it. It was a utility I installed awhile back that replaces the native Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows system tray. It was acting totally wacky so I uninstalled it and now my videos are back to normal, for now at least. Hopefully that's all it was.
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