I'm honestly Windows stupid. I'm trying to download videos from gyao.co.jp and have managed to get them, but they're all 360 yet there's a 480 option for the video quality.

I used this site to generate an rtmpdump command which gives me 360 video.

For example:

Video URL:
rtmpdump cmd:
rtmpdump -o "血界戦線 第1話 魔封街結社.f4v" --rtmp "rtmpe://fmsf01.yolk.yahoo.co.jp:1935" --tcUrl "rtmpe://fmsf01.yolk.yahoo.co.jp/yolk/1001/" --playpath "mp4:yolk/109/11/1002/379/2384245_4RMP875g2379027.f4v" --app "yolk/1001" --flashVer "WIN 11,9,900,117" --swfVfy "http://i.yimg.jp/images/gyao/player/fla/v1/red/GyaoPlayer.swf?23807843"
I've tried StreamTransport which seemed to work for the ads, but it won't detect the main video.

I tried loading the video site into RTMPExplorer, but the video/player wouldn't load. Something about in incorrect browser I think. (my Japanese is severe beginner).
I also tried RTMPDumpHelper, but for some reason (probably something I'm doing wrong) it only says it's attached to Firefox and the cmd window that opens never changes. It doesn't seem like anything downloads either.

Is there something I can add to the site's generated commands that will get me the 480 video? Or what do I need to do to get 480? Random internet searches have me running around in circles.