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  1. Hi,

    I've just bought one of these and I'm overall happy with it, but there is one thing that is really annoying: when I play some audio CD where the tracks run into each other with no gap, it puts a gap between each track.

    Has anyone else had this problem and know if it's fixable?

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    Most likely it is your authoring/burning software that is not prepping & burning it properly as a session-at-once/disc-at-once format, but rather as track-at-once. Use better software.

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  3. It was a shop bought CD, not home grown.

    I've just checked it on my ancient Philips CD Player and the disk was actually burnt with the pregaps. Annoying. I hope they will refund.
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    Just copy the CD and create your own without gaps. I've never had 100% guarantee that my non-gap CDs would work in EVERY device.....but it's worth a shot.
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  5. I'll just return it - I only just bought it
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