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    Perhaps you are thinking of BD-J? This is an implementation of Java in Blu-ray discs that allows extended extras, and online content that can be shown with the movie. BD-Live (the online section) is optional.

    The new Ultra HD Blu-ray format will require an internet connection the very first time you play an UHD disc in a particular player. Once it has played the disc once, the player will not need a connection for subsequent viewing of that disc. If you want to play the disc in another player, that player will have to have an internet connection on the first viewing of the movie.
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    Originally Posted by videobruce View Post
    I also use software players that do not obey the Cinavia trigger, like Media Player Classic Home Cinema.
    Good to know, I have that, as I do VLC Player, but I have been using Light Alloy for some time since their interface is nicer.

    Regarding these 'keys', I was under the impression that there had to be some communication between the disc, player & the Internet as there is with HDMI (handshake) for the player to be allowed to 'play'. That is not the case at all??
    Cyberlink PowerDVD uses an Internet connection for updates, advertising, and a few other features, but does not require an internet connection just to play a disc. I also have DVDFab Passkey, which checks for updates every time it is used and requires an Internet connection.

    Licensed software players require an HDCP compliant video card, connection (DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort) and monitor to play commercial Blu-Ray movie from the original discs. The unlicensed players do not require HDCP compliance. HDCP does not involve using the Internet.
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    Ok, guess I misinterpreted something somewhere along the line.
    Why are ones and zeros so complicated? Linear Video Editing was easier. Downloading & streaming are two different things.
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