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    Hi guys- I'm having a terrific time with my Raspberry Pi 2B, most fun in years!

    If one of you guys who's fully knowledgeable in linux could look at a couple web pages for me?

    Recently, I've successfully installed Iceweasel, the Debian variant of Firefox. However, it is unclear to me
    what is best procedure for bringing on-board the several addons I actually use quite regularly.

    One is Media Converter & Muxer, which will pull an MP3 out of a Quicktime vid in seconds with a drag&drop.

    This add-on is said to be linux compatible, but requires ffmpeg installed to operate.
    (Some other info is found in the Firefox add-on listing)

    Its homepage is

    Now, the Raspberry Pi 2B is running a Debian flavor on an Arm CPU; I am pretty sure it is armhf.

    So on to the ffmpeg download page

    It has Debian packages for Oldstable, Stable, Testing, and Unstable; as well as armhf.

    It also has a static build; which I saw mentioned somewhere now lost as a bugfix for something.

    Two things are confusing me: will an add-on generated thru Firefox/Iceweasel update itself correctly?

    Second & most important, there seems to be a bug that requires manually setting the path to ffmpeg:

    When I try to point the extension to use FFmpeg on Mac or Linux, the actual binary path is selected instead of the symlink.
    How can I fix this?
    This is a bug with Firefox open file module. There is no easy fix for it. However, you can follow the instruction on to manually set the correct path for FFmpeg executable.

    That instruction is:

    Another solution is to set the ffmpeg path manually
    Open a browser tab and insert about:config. Now find extensions.feca4b87-3be4-43da-a1b1-137c24220968@jetpack.ffmpegPath and change the path to /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg.

    Also I believe if you install the latest version of the extension on a clean profile, it should detect the right path. Although if you try to manually point the extension to the ffmpeg, it is going to use the real binary path

    I'm not sure this fix is OK for my Pi, as it comes from an OS-X thread...

    that term in blue is incorrect, it should include 'Path'
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