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    I have two Panasonic DMR E100s and a Panasonic DMR E700BD - both the DMR E100s are DVD HDD recorders. The DMR E700BD is a BLU RAY HDD and DVD HDD Recorder which was purchased in Japan some eight years ago.

    During the past few months there has been a problem with the discs not being released from the tray for the DMR E100s - it would not open, or I get the fatal "SELF-CHECK" problem. However, on several occasions I have been able to get the disc out using the instructions posted elsewhere on this Forum for the self check problem.

    I had the same problem with the DMR E700BD - I could not get the disc out so used the solutions for the DMR E100 - and it worked, I got the disc out - BUT NOW - I get the message - "LOCK" - and I can do nothing to get the recorder back to it's normal operating system. It will power up and shut down but nothing more. It appears as though the recorder is "locked" for all functions other than these two.

    It's a very good BLU RAY/DVD recorder and would hate to just use it for a door stop - besides - it was not "cheap" originally - somewhere in the $1,400.00 price range if I remember correctly.

    Is there a known - "UNLOCK" - sequence for ANY Panasonic recorder that may work in this instance? I can use all the help that anyone may have. I thank in all in advance.
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