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  1. I've been experimenting again and am keen to see what settings others use specifically with the Hauppauge USB-Live in VirtualDub under the "Timings" section. I don't have a frame TBC (still saving for it) but in the meantime what is the best settings to avoid continual audio sync drift? I don't mind a consistent offset which can be adjusted in post, but for a variable drift it is very difficult to fix afterwards.

    For reference I am seeing about 90 inserted frames in the minute of one of my captures - there are 35ish as soon as the preview window loads. Is something dodgy with my VCR (VR1000 with line TBC) perhaps? Playbook on my TV screen looks faultless.

    I've subsequently tested this on another PC, and I get identical behaviour with 33/34 frames inserted from the beginning (drop/insert options are enabled, don't sync a/v, auto-disable resync checked). This rules out VCR as the problem and PC as the problem. The issue isn't isolated to a single tape either. Could this be a faulty USB-Live2?

    Often I will get inserted frames where scenes are cut, but even with the "adjust audio to fit video" option I still get out of sync audio.

    Any suggestions welcome.
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