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  1. Theres an option for AAC which has 2.0 and multichannel. DId I screw up my latest one? ty
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  2. Can you hear 6 channels when you play it back ?

    Mediainfo (view=>text) can usually tell you some information as well
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  3. Dont have surround, not yet as we just moved and trashed the old one. ILl check out that program thx, should i from now on use the aac multichannel option?
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  4. If you want to preserve 5.1 audio, you should select that option

    You probably don't need to convert the video again , just stream copy it with the new 5.1 audio. You didn't mention what software you were using, but it should be possible with a variety of tools
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  5. ty much guys, im a quick learner but just as guick a panicker _
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