8mm projector ?? for online inquiries! 3-30-15


I am trying to dump both 8mm & super 8 to my computer via a telesync box

and a sony hi8 camcorder with a capture unit (aren't we all I knew I would

run into a frame rate problem before I started, so my projector does not have

any type of speed control whatsoever. I am under the assumption after

reading various posts, that most film in this category run on average @ 18fps,

yet camcorder and/or capture unit grabs it at 24fps? I have seen other

brands online that have either a switch to toggle between 18-24 or a variable

speed control, but I haven't seen what that control tops out at. One was 14-

22fps, which is close, but it makes sense ( I could be wrong ) that if it was 24

(or 23.97fps) that would eliminate the "strobe" or "flicker" effect. I have/use

anything from a simple Nero program, to Vegas &/or Premiere to edit in post,

but with what I have now, it looks better just playing it on the projection


Do you have any suggestions or products that can fill this request without

spending $1500-$3000 on a machine that has a camera and dvd burner

already built in?

I've seen everything from shooting it on a screen/wall/piece of paper to

making a lens out of a webcam (which looks very in depth) and was just

wanting to get thoughts on both process and products.

Thank you in advance for your assistance, and moreso for such an

informatiable site!