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  1. Good evening,

    I'm trying to find a method of downloading ITV shows. If I use mitmproxy on my MacBook and run my iPhone with ITV Player through the proxy, I can find the live streaming M3U8 and watch through QuickTime (which is nicer than any TV apps, especially HBO GO). When watching a previous episode of Coronation St., for example, I get a .isml (or similar) file and I don't know a bloody thing to do with those. Could you please help?

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  2. Also:

    Channel 4 recently added live video to their iOS app, which means there's an HLS stream available. I used mitmproxy and got both the M3U8 file and an XML file with a token. I can't put the pieces together though. I tried livestreamer with no luck.

    Webpage: (UK IP and London time zone+free account needed)

    There were also some JSON files I found, but I got 403'd.

    Could you please help? Thanks!
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