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  1. I'm late to the game. I've been doing this to DVD's for awhile with Handbrake and AutoMKV/HDConvertX before that, but now want to finally archive some Blu-rays.

    I own AnyDVD HD and have a Blu-ray reader in my PC.

    What's the defacto standards these days of taking a Bluray and making a typical compressed rip of it? 4GB for 720p or 8Gb for 1080p, or thereabouts. Want multiple audio and subtitles. Chapters would be nice too. MKV container is a must using x264.

    What is THE app these days on Windows for this? I realize 99% of the threads are usually noise, so forgive me for starting a new one on a subject that is probably discussed ad nauseum.
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    You can use handbrake or vidcoder. They support blu-ray sources and you can add several audio and subtitle tracks and chapters. Rip with anydvdhd.

    If you want more control can you try ripbot264 and megui.
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  3. Thanks for limiting it to two. I'll check out Vidcoder and compare to handbrake.
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