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    Hi, I am new to the forum and would like some good advice as to transfer from my 8m Cassette to a DVD or better still Laptop.

    I have not used the Camcorder for a good few years and I attempted to take a look at some of the old footage of my Children when they were young. When I played back the film was jumpy and full of horizontal lines. It was like this on all the tapes I had. I presumed it was the camcorder so I purchased another one from e bay same as mine but even that on play back the picture was terrible.

    I once was able to view on my TV but these modern TVs seem different and no matter what I do I cannot get the picture to my TV.

    The main concern was the state of my tapes, I presume they have had their days and the film I have are now ruined beyond repair.

    I mentioned all this to a video repair shop but they want telephone figures to have them transferred to a CD. He also stated the jumpy tapes can be sorted by some Adobe programme once they have been transferred?

    Can anyone assist me with my problem.

    Kind regards Denn.
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    A half-decent video2DVD service will charge (very approximately) about Ģ20 per tape, and will be able to do the job properly (if it can be done at all).

    Assuming the camcorder worked properly when the tapes were recorded (did they play back OK at the time? did they play OK on another machine at the time? sometimes semi-broken camcorders record tapes wrongly that only they can play back), and assuming they haven't been stored near a strong magnet, or baked in a loft every summer for the past 20 years, and assuming you didn't play every tape all the way through with a broken camcorder, then the tapes themselves are probably fine.

    The tapes shouldn't jump on playback. Minor issues can be fixed by playing them back on a decent machine. Major issues, if present on the tapes, can be partly improved but not fixed completely in software.

    Camcorders let you watch the playback in their view finder. Never mind what it looks like on a TV - does it look OK on the camcorder's view finder?

    If you find a video transfer service that you think you might trust (e.g. there are some on eBay - you can check their feedback) you can always try with one tape. Don't send them all at once.

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