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  1. Hi guys, thought I'd finally make an account rather than just reading on here.

    DVDfab Decrypter doesn't do all the discs I need it to anymore (even though I'm not in the US), so I need to splash some cash and come up with an alternative. Trouble is, there are that many options I don't know which to go for (although I'm leaning towards AnyDVD HD). I'd be grateful for any suggestions! I only need a decrypting, Handbrake is perfect for encoding.

    3 so far...

    MakeMKV - cheapest by far, but being a relatively small and new product, I worry that forking out some cash for it might leave me stuck in the future if the development stops.

    AnyDVD HD - Slysoft have been around forever, and it does both BR and DVD, but it's not cheap.

    DVDfab DVDCopy and Bluray Copy - You have to buy these separately making it twice the cost of Slysoft, so I really think this is a loser.

    What are the views on here, or are there any software choices I'm missing?

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    Makemkv is free while in beta and has been that for a long time now. See

    So I would use it for now. If you get problems would my choice be anydvdhd.
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  3. Thanks, I've been using MakeMKV but have exceed the trial time for the BR element (DVD is timeless while in beta, the BR is shareware). Cheers for the Slysoft vote Baldrick .
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    MakeMKV is free while in beta. All you have to do is put in a new beta key each month or so, or update to the newest versions as they are released. The new beta keys can be found here:
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