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  1. I am trying to download the replay of the North Dakota State/Gonzaga game linked here:

    I've tried StreamTransport and Video Download Capture to no avail. Changing the user agent in Chrome just redirects to a site to download the March Madness app.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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  2. You can use livestreamer on the command line. But there is more than 2h17m of wasted video at the beginning "This event will begin soon".
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  3. Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Been trying to figure my way around livestreamer for the last half hour and can't figure out what I'm supposed to do, although I'm admittedly not all that comfortable with command line stuff. Am I supposed to take the akamaihd manifest url and plug it in to the command line like so?

    C:\programfiles\ivestreamer> livestreamer

    Thats what I gather from what little my brain can process, but when I do so it comes up with an error that no plugin can handle it. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious. Thanks again for all your help.
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  4. You almost have it right...
    livestreamer "hds:// pvswf=" 3000k -o output.flv
    Instead of 3000k(best), you can use other qualities instead: 600k 1400k 1850k 2400k

    If you download the best quality, the first 2+GB will be of the "This event will begin soon" video.
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  5. Oh man, I could kiss you! Thanks a million, you're a lifesaver.
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  6. Hi rookehassett ,

    As I don't live in US , I can really help you .

    Generally with 'manifest' the command is looking like :
    livestreamer "hds://" best
    livestreamer "hds://" best
    Try again your search for the manifest's link .
    In the line look for g=... , &plugin=... , &hdcore=...

    after 'manifest.f4m?'
    You can insert 'g=KUSBXBWADFBA&plugin=aasp-' <= this is an example !!!

    Send us what you found .

    Cheers .
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