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  1. I've a webcam with stereo mic, but it doesn't encode stream to H264 & AAC in hardware. Is it possible to capture 1080P stream with RGB24 or MJPEG video and PCM audio from the webcam, encode and save into MP4 in real time? I tried VirtualDub, as it allows to capture & encode webcam stream on the fly into x264vfw and save into mp4/mkv file. But it saves only video, while compressed audio is saved into a separate avi file. The x264vfw filter option in VirtualDub Capture Video menu has CommandLine field. May be specifying certain command line there would allow that? Or adding some plugins to VirtualDub like ffmpeg, ffdshow, avisynth?

    If not with VirtualDub, what is the best GUI based Windows 8.1 64-bit compatible software for that task, taxing less PC CPU resources with good output mixed content quality? I know a stream can be captured to avi and then re-encoded to mp4, but by now there should be packages that can capture stream & encode to mp4 in real time.
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    There only a few webcam that can H264 & AAC have a hardware coder build in like a Logitech C920 HD
    Doing 1080p will depend on webcam driver and weather not it allow you to go that high you need find out with support
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  3. I know what resolutions the webcam can stream and its driver can provide. My question was how to setup VirtualDub and its add-ons to encode & save the webcam's RGB24 & PCM stream encoded into muxed H264&AAC content and being saved into mp4 or mkv container on the fly, just like it saves to avi?
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