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  1. Originally Posted by LouieChuckyMerry View Post

    Like deciding on 10bit, when I did my initial research I settled on Bits/(Pixel*Frame) being more important than CRF (please stop laughing, all you geniuses) so I tried to make all my Simpsons and Futurama 720p encodes have ~2000Kbps video bitrate and, because of the different sources and scripts, the CRF's for Simpsons and Futurama were different.
    I told myself I was going to hold off on doing the Simpsons as I spent so long doing the Futurama episodes, though a lot of that was down to me learning the programs really. But, I couldn't resist and did a quick snippet of the Simpsons pilot, and honestly the output is transformative. I need to sit down and rip them all now! I only have up to season 6, and being in the UK getting NTSC copies of the DVDs isn't always the easiest, but I'll at least make a start.

    And thank you you checking that for me. Looking at the DVD, I think it's simply due to the sources and that nothing can be done - horizontal scrolling just doesn't really play nicely with interlaced content, if you take a look at this frame, specifically the stars, you can see where the problem comes from:

    [Attachment 75046 - Click to enlarge]

    The encodes are such a huge improvement, I just was worried I'd messed them up somehow!
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  2. Encoding video such that the improvement is drastic has to be some kind of gateway drug .
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