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  1. Hi Community
    I've been looking for a Video Streaming program that could stream a "video file" into Skype when I make a "Video Call", a program like or or
    I have tried all of them, but, any of them allow to go to at specific time in the timeline by typing numbers e.g. 00:15:35 to jump to the minute15 second35 of the video.
    Please look this GIF in which I better explain what I would like to achieve.

    These programs only have scrubber controls to jump to a time in the video by clicking and draging manually, but I would like to jump to a very specific time in the timeline (even with seconds) using a "GoTo" command like in "Media Player Classic".

    I tried Open Broadcaster Software, and I found a pluging to broadcast video files
    it workes, but it doesn't have a "Go To" command or even "Slider" (scrubber control) to forward or rewind the broadcasted video file.

    Is there anyway to achieve this? perhaps a video player with this feature that could use an addon or a script to send the video as if it were webcam. Thanks Advanced.
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