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  1. I have an mpeg-2 file on my computer. I want to create a dvd-video using this file that will play on a standalone dvd player. (I'm new to buring videos) I tried using Windows 7 DVD Maker. The software created the correct files: .vob, .ifo and .bup and shows that 4GB of data was recorded onto the dvd. However the DVD does not play in a DVR-231 player. It only plays Ok on various computers.
    The disc burned is a Verbatim DVR-r azo dye. It should be compatible with most devices.
    Windows DVD Maker has a Video filter compatibility option "AVI Decmpressor". This was checked when I burned the DVD. I have no idea what this filter does. Should I uncheck all video filters or am I simply better off using different software? I rather not burn 10-15 dvd's until I get 1 that works.
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    Best advice.

    Use avstodvd to author the dvd and imgburn to burn the disk
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    Did you get a VIDEO_TS folder? Then try burn it with Imgburn. See

    Or try something else. Like the old dvdflick, avstodvd.
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  4. Hi all,

    The last comment about avstodvd is:
    Since updating to V2.8.0 I've been getting these MediaInfo.dll warnings that I did not receive in previous versions, and I have no idea why I get them.
    Is the latest version workable? Does it contain addware etc?

    @ Baldrick
    Yes, the dvd has a VIDEO_TS folder.

    Since everyone is recommending other software, it sounds like Windows DVD Maker is not reliable.
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    AVStoDVD includes the MediaInfo.dll to help you identify your input file. Title-->View Source Title Info is the way to use MediaInfo from within AVStoDVD. It is not critical for using AVStoDVD, nor does AVStoDVD contain any type of adware.
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