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  1. I知 looking for a Blu-ray authoring package that allows me to mix different full HD (1920x1080) frame rate video on the same disc.

    To explain, I live in the UK so generally create video footage at full HD 25fps interlaced. I also create full HD video slide shows at 30fps interlaced, mainly because they look so much smoother when viewed on large TV screens. For both types of video, the video format is Blu-ray mpeg2 that is written to the Blu-ray disc.

    I should also add that I知 not sure if this is an allowed combination with respect to the Blu-ray specification, but it does work and I currently use Adobe Encore which supports the above feature. I have no problems playing back the finalised discs on any modern Blu-ray player or TV (at least in Europe).

    I知 now looking for a less complex package to work with - and one that is supported rather than no longer being developed.


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    Are you sure adobe encore doesn't reconvert all video to 25fps? Check the m2ts with with mediainfo. But I guess you should notice that when you play it.

    I would try tmpgenc authoring works.
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  3. Adobe Encore leaves the video untouched, no conversion. Checking the actual files as written to the disc confirms that, and of course the actual playback. The problem with every other blu-ray authoring package I've used, is once you've chosen your region (PAL or NTSC), the software doggedly locks you into the formats applicable to that region. I'm sure it's more to do with stopping the user making a mistake which could render the disc unplayable, rather than a hard rule. A simple "override defaults" option would be so useful.

    As an aside, I was thinking of tmpgenc authoring works and have emailed the question to them.
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  4. Originally Posted by nsd3 View Post
    I知 now looking for a less complex package to work with - and one that is supported rather than no longer being developed.
    Don't sweat the non-development part until the Blu Ray UHD specs are in. And while Encore can be complex (for example, it can do things like mixed frame rates!) the basic functions are pretty simple. That's why I keep going back to it.

    I'm personally fond of the TMPGenc products as well, but even their current development is geared towards a post- Blu Ray world. So they've created their own unique non-standard standard. (PGMX)
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