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  1. The video I'm talking about is sourced from tape but transferred to 16mm film back in the 70s, as far as I know.

    What do you experts think is the best way to somehow remove or reduce those two vertical moving lines? Thanks.

    (I ripped the video and cut out a small sample with Avidemux, in case anyone wants to play with this. Check the attachment)
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    There is an AviSynth DeScratch() filter but I have gotten mixed results with it.

    You can do it in After Effects, also Boris CC has a filter to remove lines that works great.

    But because those vertical lines tend to move you have to key frame and it becomes very labor intensive to do a good job.

    Be prepared to take a lot of time if you want to get this right!
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  3. I tried DeScratch but it didn't give me desired results.

    I'll try that Boris CC filter, thanks for the advice!
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