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  1. Hi cats,

    I need to transcode mxf files (xdcam hd 422) into mp4 (h264) , the outputted mp4 should be

    --> keeping the 4:2:2 colorspace
    --> in PAFF (the output mp4 file)
    --> uncompressed PCM audio
    --> concatenting multiple .mxf input files into a unique mp4 output file

    FFmpeg seems don't have the PAFF

    Is there a program, possible commandiline that do all this?

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    Wasn't this discussed last month by a similar topic you opened?
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  3. I'm think not
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    No, I think so. Particularly the PAFF vs. MBAFF business and the MXF referenced segmented essence business.

    But ffmpeg doesn't care about PAFF or MBAFF, the video encoder (x264) does. Use a different encoder (Mainconcept, Sony, Elecard,...) - might cost you.

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