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  1. Im a beginner looking to reach the pro level as a video editor. Trying to do so on a budget right now as well however. Im willing to spend money but a minimal amount would be favorable. Is Imovie best for this- or is it something that I cant make pro quality material from. Or should I invest in final cut or adobe. Not looking to spend over 80 if that's a possible option. If I must invest in something more expensive to get "pro" results ten I will do it howver I would prefer to keep my expenses low. Any advice?

    --Thanks in advance to all answers

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    iMovie is trash. If you're using a Mac, your choice is FCP and a few thousand more for pro-level plugins and additional software and hardware. You also have to have pro-level or at least prosumer level ISP monitors, calibration gear, and the rest of it. These would be a start.

    Professional video "editing" involves much more than just joining a couple of pieces of video together. I'd advise starting simple. Try something like SONY's Movie Studio Platinum or Adobe Premiere Elements for a start, but these are Windows programs. It would take the average beginner several months to learn to use those properly. Then go from there. You're on a Mac, so you should be posting in the Mac forum -- and willing to work within definite limitations on a consumer-level Mac when it comes to software.
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  3. Thanks and coincidentally I have access to a pc as well. Is adobe elements something that Im eventually going to have to switch from is it something I can fully grow with? Or should I learn to function with FCP?

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