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  1. Got a strange problem. My video was copied onto my PC via FTP from my satellite receiver. Then edited (muxed) in VideoRedo. No problems there. But when I try to mux it in TSMuxer or MKVMerge I get the following error (it muxes half way before giving the error):

    TSmuxer finished with error code -2
    Not enough buffer for parse video stream. Current frame num 16985

    I checked the frame number in question in AvsPmod and the resolution is the same as the rest of the video. Any idea what the problem is?
    The video is 887MB. Sorry about that but I had to upload the whole thing so you could see what the problem is.

    Strangely I can still save the video again in VideoRedo with no problems.
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    Maybe they're confusing p-frames for b-frames and are trying to hold too many frames in memory for sorting...
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