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  1. Here in Brazil I found a pin 100 units verbatim dvd-r, the package says it's Mitsubishi Kagaku Media but does not appear the word AZO, I found it very strange I wanted AZO media, should I buy this pin medias? the pin was made in 2009

    see the pictures:
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  2. Don't buy it unless you have no other choice.

    I recently made the mistake of buying an identical-looking package in USA, because it looks just like the traditional "AZO" packaging. But it isn't: every disc I tried from the package failed to burn almost immediately, in every PC, Mac and DVD recorder I have. After nearly two dozen discs failed, it occurred to me I should verify they weren't counterfeit by checking them with the free "DVDidentifier" utility. They identified as actually being low-end RITEK media. I returned the package and exchanged it for another that did have the "AZO" label and proved to be genuine.

    What I learned from this adventure is that Verbatim is getting very cute lately, trying to trick customers into buying non-AZO media (which is more profitable for them) by putting it in an AZO-like wrapper retailing for about the same price. For the past few years, they had very obviously different wrappers for non-AZO, CMC-sourced media, which made it easier to avoid. Now that they are also reselling RITEK-sourced media, they are putting it in exactly the same wrapper as AZO so that if you don't look very carefully you will buy it and (they hope) be stuck with it.

    When I went back to the store to exchange these poor-quality "RITEK Verbatims" for the real AZO, I noticed the package had changed slightly on that as well. The "AZO" trademark used to be large and easily visible, now it is tiny and you really need to look closely for it. At the moment, the genuine retail AZO appears to be sold only in a standard two-part plastic cakebox spindle package, while the RITEK knockoffs are sold (as your photo shows) with no spindle, loose in a seamless plastic wrapper. So if you want genuine 16x AZO, look for a black lip at the bottom of the pack, a hard edged clear plastic ring at the top, AND a very small "AZO" trademark somewhere on the wrapper.

    Good luck!
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  3. I'm from Brazil and I want to pay billet banking, in which shops I buy original dvd-r verbatim mitsubishi and original dvd-r taiyo Yuden?
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    We have very few Brazilian members, so unless one of them finds this thread and has suggestions, we don't know where you can find the AZO Verbatim or any Taiyo Yuden discs in Brazil. But Taiyo Yuden never uses other manufacturers so as long as you don't end up with counterfeit discs, any Taiyo Yuden discs should be good.

    Unfortunately what orsetto says is very true. Even on Verbatim's website, at least in the US version, they have very carefully and quietly removed AZO from many disc descriptions. In the past everything that wasn't specifically Life branded cheap stuff was AZO. Now it's reaching the point where anything not DataLifePlus may or may not be AZO. We've had posts that DataLifePlus may be switching to less desirable manufacturing countries like the UAE. Damn, it's going to reach the point where we may have to start buying Taiyo Yuden only just to be sure we're not buying cheap crap. I can deal with that fine for single layer DVDs, but that's going to be a problem for dual layer DVDs because TY only makes DVD-R DL and they are quite difficult to find and VERY expensive in addition to not be quite as compatible as the DVD+R DL discs are. I don't want to even think about what it might mean if Verbatim starts making crap BD discs. TY only makes BD-R LTH and I'm not very happy with the last ones I bought a couple of years ago.
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  5. 1 need not be Brazilian sites, I can buy international sites and import to Brazil but I need good sites to buy media verbatim and taiyo quality Yuden

    2 I wanted sites to pay with bank slip, photo: he is print out and paid in bank
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  6. You probably won't find Taiyo Yuden branded discs in stores, look for JVC instead. I recently took a chance on some Verbatim DVD+R (95037), couldn't even find the word life anywhere on the package, it did have a large AZO and made in Taiwan. They turned out to be MCC004.
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  8. On Amazon I can buy without using card? they accept bank slip? I look for sites to buy without using card, I want with bank slip

    I'm from Brazil and I have no card
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  9. Originally Posted by rocknroll racing View Post
    On Amazon I can buy without using card? they accept bank slip? I look for sites to buy without using card, I want with bank slip

    I'm from Brazil and I have no card
    What do they say on their site?
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