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  1. I have an external 4TB USB3.0 HDD that I wanted to physically connect to my Samsung BD-D5500's USB 2.0 port, but it will not recognize it.
    I updated the BD-D5500's firmware to the latest on Samsung's website for that model (dated 2013).
    I have a 500GB USB 2.0 HDD that it does recognize.
    The BD-D5500's specs indicate that it supports up to 5TB. Is the issue that the 4TB HDD is USB 3.0? I thought the backward compatibility would not be an issue. I can't see it being a file system issue because both HDDs are NTFS and one works but not the other. Perhaps it is a compatibility issue?
    I have no problem removing the HDD from the enclosure and putting it in another enclosure if that eliminates a compatibility issue.

    I would like a means of wireless connectivity from my laptop to the Samsung BD-D5500 to transfer media. The only way to do this would be to purchase the wireless USB dongle for Samsung products, but that does me no good if the BD-D5500 cannot detect the USB HDD.

    The LG HT963PA has the red and black connectors on the back to connect the wires for the speakers so I am not sure if that would still work while using the Samsung BD-D5500.

    Ideally, I want an all-in-one device, but haven't found anything that I can connect an ext. HDD, the speakers and stream media over my wireless network.

    I thought about buying a Popcorn Hour product, but again, don't see the connectors for the speakers.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    You could try reformatting the 4GB HDD. There might be something odd about it.
    Most factory external drives have other software added for backup, etc. that could cause a problem, though unlikely.

    Some devices balk at drives more that 2 GBs or so, but you mentioned Samsung says they do work. I would ask that question on a Samsung forum to be sure.

    USB 3 does use a different connector, but should still be backwards compatible with USB 2. I have a couple of USB 3 drives and they work fine with USB 2.

    I'm also assuming this external drive has it's own power supply if it's a 3.5" drive. USB 2 connections only supply about .5 amp, not enough for most 3.5" drives.
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    This is something redwudz alluded to, but the OP may overlook. To keep costs down, those external drives almost always come in enclosures that lack power supplies. While this should be OK on PCs, on a DVD or BD player, the USB port won't have enough power to run the drive. In fact this problem is so bad and common that I simply won't have an enclosure that doesn't come with a power supply. If your enclosure doesn't have a power supply this is most likely your main problem, but drives over 2 TB in size may have issues being detected correctly on some players via a USB port. Using a powered enclosure gives you the best chance for success.
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  4. Both the 512GB and 4TB External HDDs have a PS.
    I chatted with a Samsung rep who said the Samsung BD-D5500 has a limit of 1.5TB for removable media.
    So now I need a device that I can connect the 4TB Ext. HDD to and connect to over my wireless network.
    I was considering a Popcorn Hour product.
    Edit - after some research the WD TV Media Player looks like a good option, much less expensive than a Popcorn Hour product.
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  5. I don't suppose your router has a USB port (or two)? Some of the better ones do, and I've seen as low as $50 bucks for a TPLink router that has it. If by chance you're looking to upgrade your router, that would allow you to share the files on your externals.

    But you'd still need to get the TV or standalone player to see your network. The WDTV unit is well thought of. The Roku 3 has a USB port, or you could use it with Plex.
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  6. No, but the WD TV Media Player is getting consideration. Thanks for the replies.
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  7. I'm thinking it may be better to build a custom HTPC.
    I have a spare ATX motherboard, CPU, RAM, video card, non-modular PSU and HDDs, just need a HTPC for them.
    I've looked at this:
    nMEDIAPC Black Aluminum / Acrylic / Steel HTPC 6000B ATX Media Center / HTPC Case

    I also need a wireless card and this one has good reviews.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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