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  1. Hi cats

    please I wonder

    my camera is becomed a ftp site so that files are


    Can I tell to ffmpeg that it have to directly open the files in camera without download (get) .mxf files in my local pc?

    for example:
    ffmpeg -i -vcodec etc...
    but it don't work

    my username: admin
    password: pdw-f800

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  3. you need login/ password for ffmpeg

    see this
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    Add the user and password in the url like
    ffmpeg -i ftp://admin:pdw-f800@ -vcodec etc...
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  5. mmm useful thanks

    but it strange that ffmpeg report: "invalid data found when processing input" even if i try to download the C0002.mxf and put on c:\

    so that I have c:\c0002.mxf and if I do:

    ffmpeg -i c:\c0002.mxf etc...
    it works well

    but via ftp I get alwais the "invalid data found when processing input" error

    Is there a way to resolve? thanks

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    please consider that the camera, as ftp, does not allow to anyone to write data on his xdcam disc. But in this case ffmpeg have only to read, not to write, so that I think the "invalid data found when processing input" is not related to the impossible of write on the camera-disk
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  6. What about trying vlc or potplayer??
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  7. @marcorocchini:
    a. using a higher loglevel ( might help getting additional info about what is causing the problem.
    b. this will probably not work with linked mxf files (mxf files which link to other resources)
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